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Your virtual gifts are here!

Do you have someone that's hard to buy for? 

How about giving them a gift that helps to change lives!

With an LHCH virtual gift, you can make a donation which will help us to continue to change lives for the better.    Once purchased we will send a card to the person you have purchased the gift for letting them know what you have done and thanking them for their support.   We will not mention a value of the gift unless you specifically ask us to.


A £5 gift could..

help us pay for a toiletries pack for someone admitted as an emergency.


A £10 gift could..

help pay for an aromatherapy session for one of our cancer patients. 

Family hospital_edited.jpg

A £20 gift could..

help pay for a loved one to be near a family member while they receive treatment.

Older couple holding hands.jpg

A £50 gift could..

help our Palliative Care Teams care for a patient's family when they are are their most vulnerable.

Therapy Session

A £100 gift could..

help fund our counselling service for young people living with heart disease. 


A £500 gift could..

help fund our researchers as they work towards making heart and lung disease a thing of the past.

To purchase you virtual gift just fill in the form, click the button and leave the rest to us!

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