Who We Are

LHCH Charity was established in 1995 to support the work of the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, one of the largest specialist heart and chest specialist hospitals in the UK.  Based at Broadgreen in Liverpool the hospital treats over 115,000 people each and every year for a variety of complex heart and lung problems.

Since our founding we have raised millions of pounds to help our dedicated medical staff, provide additional facilities for our patients, their families and our staff as well as assisting our researchers to find new ways of treating and curing heart and lung diseases.

What We Do

The latest and the best

From medical equipment to training we ensure that our medical teams are always at the forefront of the most up to date practices.


Extending the excellence

From family rooms, coffee bars and garden spaces - we make the hospital a warm and welcoming environment at a time when people are at their most vulnerable.

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Tomorrows medicine today

We support our dedicated researchers in their work to discover the treatments and cures of the future.

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With your help we have...

Introduced our Mobile Spirometry Unit



Liverpool Heart and Chest is one of the few hospitals in the UK to inttroduce a mobile unit to help with the diagnosis and treatment of lung conditions.

Helping those most in need of treatment who live in areas of high deprivation and health inequality.

Developed a new Training and Education Centre

Sir Ken Dodd Knowledge and Education Centre-011121-019.jpg

Medicine is a fast moving environment and training staff to ensure that they are up to date with the latest techniques is key to continuing to provide the oustanding service that we do.

Thanks to you we have been able to develop a new training centre at LHCH "The Sir Ken Dodd Training and Education Centre" which will provide the additional facilities and space that we need to do this.

Led the way in stroke reduction for patients 

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LHCH is a leader in the field of cardiac surgery.   Inevitably this means that many of the operations we perform are more complex.   In some cases this might lead to a higher than normal risk of stroke both during and after the operation.  

You helped us purchase a new piece of equipment that can play a part in helping to mitigate this risk.

Now we need your help to...

Help us help more people with heart disease and cancer

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Every year hundreds of people are referred to our specialist cardio-oncology unit who need help in managing both their heart and cancer problems.   To provide them with the very best we need a dedicated 3D Echocardiogram machine.   Will you help us provide it?

Helping Young Hearts

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Imagine being a teenager with heart problems.    You can't do what your friends do, you have to eat right, not drink, not go out dancing or doing sports.  It is estimated that there are over 25,000 young people living in the North West who were born and are now living with a heart defect.    Will you help us to help them?

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