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Other ways to support LHCH

There's so many other ways that you can support LHCH Charity and believe it or not,

there are some that don't cost you a penny!


It's not all about jumping out of an aeroplane you know!

Take a look at the other ways in which you can show your support to LHCH Charity today. 

Parked Cars

Time to change the car?

Charity Car can turn your old banger into a valuable donation to LHCH Charity and help the environment at the same time. 

LHCH Charity will receive 100% of the value, collection is free and you get a DVLA Certificate of Destruction. 

Easy Fundraising logo-wall-large.png

It's easy with EasyFundraising

Signing up for Easyfundraising couldn't be simpler!

You can still shop at all the stores you love to use but every time you do LHCH Charity will receive a percentage of your shop - at no extra cost to you, isn't that fantastic!!


Are you feeling a bit crafty?

Our craft sales are always so popular with our staff and patients alike.

If you are feeling a bit crafty why not get in touch to see what you could donate.

So please take a minute to sign up or get in touch and you really could be making a big difference.

Thank You

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