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Let's work together

Heart and Lung disease touches us all, including your staff and your customers. From raising money to raising awareness, corporate partnerships are vital in helping us to beat heart and lung disease.

How your business can help to change lives for the better

Fundraising and donations have helped buy new high tech equipment, ensured our staff are able to access the most up to date training, made our hospital a more comfortable and welcoming place and funded research that helps to bring tomorrows cures and treatments to our patients today.


Whether you are looking to engage your staff in fundraising activity, increase your brand awareness or develop new contacts with other businesses we will be able to develop the perfect partnership to suit your needs. 

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Ways you can help....

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Make a company gift

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Hold your own events

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Make us your Charity of the Year


Join in with LHCH events


Help staff to volunteer

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Donate goods

How we can help...

Through getting your business involved with LHCH Charity, we can help you to

  • Motivate staff and encourage team building

  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

  • Reach new audiences and help drive sales

  • Secure positive PR and stand out in a competitive market.

So why not get involved today!

Simply fill in the form below to find out more about how we can work together.

Thank for getting in touch

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