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Training for the future

Modern medicine is continually evolving and to stay as a leader in the field then we need to ensure that our medical staff and students have access to the very best training facilities.

Learning the latest techniques and treatments in a patient safe environment


It provides the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques.


In an environment that puts patient safety first 

Simulation Training 3.jpg

In a dedicated space that allows teams to train together.

How you can make a difference...

The key to us being able to provide simulation training is having a dedicated space that will allows us to house all of the necessary equipment in a facility that is adaptable enough to allow for small or large training exercises.

We have identified an area within the hospital that will allow us to do this and now we need your help to make it a reality

Want to help? 

If you would like to help us ensure that our staff and patients have access to the most up to date training methods as well as supporting the medical staff of the future then please make your donation now.

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