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Tough Mudder for the brother!

Updated: Mar 22

“Before what happened to Jack you never expect to be in a hospital like LHCH with your healthy younger sibling but it really hit home that things like this can happen no matter your age or health”.

Last year, Jack, a healthy 23 year old man with no pre-existing medical conditions suffered a spontaneous pneumothorax (the sudden onset of a collapsed lung without any apparent cause). 


After being rushed into Warrington A&E, Jack needed further experienced care and so was transferred to LHCH.  After a successful recovery, Jack’s sisters Lucy and Alice decided they want to give back to LHCH for the care their brother received.


So, what better way to show your appreciation than plunging into ice baths and crawling through mud in our Tough Mudder 2024 challenge!


We’re wishing the fantastic duo the best of luck and are saying a huge thank you for their wonderful support.

If you fancy helping the sisters hit their fundraising target then follow the link and donate away -


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