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Sunrise at Snowdon

On Sunday 25th September, LHCH Charity put on it’s very first ‘Sunrise at Snowdon’ challenge!

The aim of the challenge was to climb Snowdon in the dark reaching the summit as the sun was rising. Of course, this meant a VERY early start with our fearless leader Ian, giving the safety talk at 3.30 a.m. and by 4.00 a.m. they were off!

A challenging 3 hour climb later they reach the top of Snowdon and everyone who was there on the day said that an unforgettable sight met them – well worth the lack of sleep! Having taken this amazing view, they then had a 3 hour climb back down – but at least they all had a welcoming cup of tea when reaching the bottom.

Not only did all those taking part have a wonderful time, but they also managed to raise an impressive £1,145 and are all looking forward to next year’s event!

If you are interested in taking part next year, let us know by completing the form on the website here or by emailing


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