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Shane's Marathon Challenge for his Dad

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Shane Dodds, 31 from Kent decided to help support Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity after we saved his father Stewart Dodds life back in 2017 when he had a heart attack.

This won't be Shane's first foray into raising funds for LHCH Charity and marathon running after taking part in the Lambert & Foster Paddock Wood Half Marathon back in September 2021 - raising an incredible £850!

This time Shane will be tackling an even bigger challenge and will be running the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 10th April.

Shane said “LHCH saved my father’s life in 2017 when he had a heart attack, sadly my father passed away in 2020 so I’ll always be grateful for the extra time that was given to me and my family, we all got to make a lot more memories and for that I’ll always be thankful to LHCH. I hope the money that is raised through my Just Giving page helps LHCH continue to do the amazing things that they do and help other families who are in similar situations”.

When asked about the highlights of his challenge Shane said “The best bits are seeing the improvements in my fitness such as quicker pace when running, along with going further and challenging myself. It has helped improve my own mental health and emotions while going through the grief of losing a parent”.

Although he may have sore knees after his training runs and is nervous for his first ever marathon, Shane continues to push forward and has already raised over £300 towards his target of £1150 – you can donate and help Shane reach his goal by visiting his Just Giving page here

Finally, Shane said “LHCH continues to do fantastic work to ensure their patients get the best care possible and ensure that they take the best steps possible to have a healthier and more stable future.

I can’t praise them enough for the work that they continue to do in an ever changing world and I hope the funds raised through the marathon supports the fantastic work that they do in the future”.

Thank you so much Shane and good luck on the 10th!


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