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Our Skydiving Champs!

Here at LHCH Charity, we have some seriously amazing supporters.

From abseiling down buildings, taking on triathlons' to diving into ice filled baths... we've definitely got the best of the best! However, we think this insanely courageous group deserves a special shout out.

In just under 6 weeks time, this daring and extremely brave bunch will be jumping out a plane at 11,000ft, free falling for 35 seconds before they open their parachutes to glide back to safety and all for LHCH Charity.

Take a look to see who is taking on the challenge and see how you can sponsor our wonderful supporters today!

  • Mr Mo Zeinah - support here

  • Lynn Giles - support here

  • Jessica Kelly and Rachel Boston - support here

  • Michelle Jervis - support here

  • Beth Stevenson - support here

  • Kimberley Tinsley - support here

  • Samantha Noonan - support here

  • Paula McCann Finney

  • Annie Nolan - support here

  • Bindukumari Harikumar - support here

  • Tricia Woosey - support here

  • Emma Baker


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