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Only Fools and Sonny

Sonny Lee James, 40 from Kirby is holding a charity night of music at the ‘Only Fools’ bar to support LHCH Charity and Woodlands Hospice on Thursday 02 June 2022. The night will feature 11 artists and promises to be a fantastic way to get the Jubilee Weekend off to a flying start!

Sonny (Lee), a Quality Improvement Manager for a learning disabilities charity, chose to support us after best friend Lee Harvey, who had cystic fibrosis, was cared for by the wonderful team on Cherry Ward.

He says: “LHCH has the most amazing team of staff who go above, beyond and back again supporting people with cystic fibrosis - as well as being there to support the family members and friends of those receiving care. These wonderful people have also looked after my wife’s cousin and close family friends who also had cystic fibrosis. So, I just wanted to do something to say thank you.”

We are so grateful for all of your hard work Lee! It promises to be a great night, so if you would like to attend, just head to the ‘Only Fools Bar’ on the 2nd of June for a wonderful time – no need to buy a ticket beforehand!


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