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Leo's Liverpool Half Marathon

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

19 Year Old Leo Hollinworth, learnt about the work of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital during his Pharmacy studies at Liverpool John Moores University and decided he wanted to do his bit to help by taking part in the Liverpool Half Marathon on 27th March.

Leo said: "As I have found out during my studies LHCH makes such a great difference to the community in Liverpool and so it seemed the least I could do to help the charity in this way." He goes on: " I have loved the challenge too. The training has given me a reason to get up early and its a great feeling to know that I am improving my own health as well as helping others with theirs."

Leo's raised an impressive £390 for LHCH Charity and we can't thank him enough for all of his hard work!

If you would still like to support Leo visit his page here


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