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Karen's Knitting Challenge

Just over a decade ago, Tim Harris came under the care of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital when he started to experience breathlessness, chest pain and difficulty walking, eventually leading to quadruple heart bypass surgery.

Since his successful operation, Tim has been able to live his life to the fullest, enjoying his love for motorbikes and spending time with his wife Karen and their ever-growing (and adorable) family.

Now ten years on from Tim's operation, Karen has decided to raise as much money as she possibly can for LHCH Charity, as a way of showing her appreciation for the care and expertise Tim received during his time at LHCH.

Karen is selling her hand crafted artisan heart inspired gifts via her Facebook page - Loop the Loop IOM with 50% of her sales donated straight to LHCH Charity.

Take a look at look at just a few of Karen's wonderful designs below and see what takes your fancy!


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