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Jessica's Birthday Challenge

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Jessica Williams has decided to support LHCH Charity by cycling 22miles on her 22nd birthday (27th June 2020). She is doing this because of the care we showed her father when he came into the hospital for an operation during the pandemic.

A photo of Jessica Williams

In her own words.....

"On Saturday the 27th of June I will be turning 22 years old and I shall be cycling a mile for every year I have been born (22 miles) in the hope to raise some money for Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital during this pandemic."

"As some of you may be aware a few weeks before the Lockdown in the UK my Dad was told that he needed open Heart Surgery due to a defect at birth. My Dad was aware at some point that he would require an operation, however, we did not think it was going to come around this early on in his life and definitely not during a pandemic."

"Operations were cancelled and postponed when lockdown first came into place in the UK but Critical operations started back up on the 4th of May and my Dad was at the top of the list. As you can imagine having a major surgery like this is nerve wrecking enough for Dad and my family, without Covid-19 making it that bit scarier. This meant my Dad had to go into hospital by himself with no visitors before the operation and during his recovery. The reason I want to raise some money for The Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is because I can't thank them enough for all the excellent care they gave my Dad and the support they gave my family."

"My Dad sang the praises of all the NHS staff that were looking after him, even though they were covered head to toe in tight, uncomfortable PPE.  They did an excellent job looking after my Dad even if he wasn't the best patient at times ( they do say Nurses make the worst patients) . They kept him healthy and safe so he could return home and begin to be the annoying Dad we love again."

"As you all know the NHS has been under huge extra strain because of COVID-19 and they need our support to continue because even though lockdown rules may be easing the battles against Covid- 19 are still very prominent especially within Hospitals. They need our support in order to keep their staff and patients safe and continue to give an excellent quality of care so patients can return healthy and safe to loved ones again, like my Dad."

"So I have decided to Cycle 22 miles on My 22nd Birthday and I would love if you could sponsor me. I'd like to disclaim I am in no way an athlete and 22 Miles is going to be very tough on me but it will be more than worth it if I am able to raise some money for this great cause."

"I am aware there are a lot of people asking for donations currently for so many excellent charities at this time. However this is the time that charities/companies need us the most. I would be so so grateful if you are able to donate any amount of money to help The Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Heroes, no matter how big or small the donation."

"I honestly mean that for example Imagine if 200 people donated 50p each that would help me raise £100 towards this great cause. It would make a big difference to the hospital and yet as an individual you can't even buy a Freddo these days for 50p.Thanks to the staff of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, my Dad is now making an excellent recovery and I want to thank you all. Also thank all the NHS staff helping fight Covid-19. Thanks In advance for any donations - I can't tell you how much it means to me."

Love Jess x

To donate to Jess's fundraising page visit


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