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I'll run 150KM for my Dad

For the month of March, 36 year old Amy Antrobus is undertaking an incredible challenge to thank Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital for saving her Dad, Anthony's life.

She says: In 2020 my Dad was rushed into LHCH with a severe heart attack which I now know is called the "widow-maker". He was only 52! Thanks to the skill of the surgeons who performed a triple heart bypass he is still here to tell the tale." She goes on: "It's not been an easy road and he still has on-going cardiac issues but its certain he still wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for LHCH."

Amy has set herself the challenge of running 5KM every day during March. That's the equivalent of running from LHCH to Stratford Upon Avon - which is quite a distance. She says: "If my Dad can make it through the past two years then I can make it through a month of running. I can't thank the hospital enough for everything they did and are still doing for him and I just hope everyone gets behind me so that I can help LHCH Charity support their work."

If you would like to support Amy you can visit her fundraising page here. If you can please do give something and help her reach her target!


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