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Gladstone Brookes thanks LHCH for life-saving care!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

When Martin Leigh started to get pains in his arms and chest he put it down to the stress he was feeling after losing both his Mum and Dad. He said: “I was just ignoring all the warning signs and was trying to get on with life. Little did I know that ignoring the signs would nearly kill me.”

When Martin suffered a heart attack and was rushed into hospital for life-saving surgery. On arrival at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital he was taken straight into the operating theatre where surgeons found all the arteries leading to his heart were almost completely blocked.

Said Martin: “The medical staff were amazing and the treatment they gave me saved my life which is why I have nominated them as our chosen charity. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.”

A huge helping hand when it was most needed

The Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is one of the largest specialist heart and lung centres in the UK, treating over 115,000 people every year. The hospital’s charity raises money to support their ground-breaking work, but since the start of the pandemic their event fundraising has been severely hit.

A photo of a woman holding a Gladstone Brookes cheque for £415

Accepting our £415 donation Robyn Sefton, Community and Events Officer said: “Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity would like to thank everyone involved at Gladstone Brookes for their incredible donation – after one of their own suffered a heart attack and was cared for here.

“From working with young people with cystic fibrosis to being the only centre in the UK to provide robotic heart and lung surgery, LHCH is really at the forefront of the latest and best treatments.

“Obviously this year with the current COVID pandemic, the charity faced some difficult times with all of our organised events being cancelled and so much of the fundraising that was being undertaken for us having to be stopped."

"This caused us great concern especially at a time when our dedicated staff were working so hard and needed us the most. However, our incredible donors and their wonderful generosity has helped us to continue providing outstanding care for thousands of people living with heart and lung disease during this uncertain time."

“Without the continuing support of our donors like the team at Gladstone Brookes, none of our work would be possible. So please accept our most heartfelt thanks for your help – it really means a tremendous amount to everyone here at the hospital and helps us to change lives for the better every day.”

Thank you so much to the team at Gladstone Brookes in Warrington, we really appreciate your support and we are so glad to hear Martin is doing well!


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