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Emma is dipping more than a toe in the water!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Emma Arends and her mum Yvonne are back for this year’s Lake District Great North Swim! This is their second time completing this daunting challenge and Emma, an actress best known for her role as Daisy from Peppa Pig and performances at the Royal Court, is eager to take it on!

Emma says: “l lost one of my good friends Chris Crookall over a year ago and he was under the care of LHCH who treated him fantastically and have always looked after his wonderful parents too - just the most gorgeous family you’d ever meet. This is our second year together doing it , my amazing mum is 68 and my wonderful 78 year old dad cheers us on from the side!”

When asked about what the most challenging parts of the swim were Emma says: “The cold and the first few moments trying to acclimatise to the water has got to be the worst bit, it’s actually such a gorgeous swim with spectacular views once you get used to it! The best bit is how many people go to the event, swimming and raising money for such great causes - the friendly atmosphere and day is so much fun!”

It must take a lot to take on such a challenge, but Emma goes on to say: “We are thankful to LHCH for everything they do. The nurses, doctors, cleaners, surgeons, and everyone else in between are always so friendly, making you feel warm and safe on every visit. We want to help raise as much so the technology, research and care can stay as amazing as it is now. We are grateful and want to show that by getting out wetsuits on and going in for a cold dip ;)”

A little video from last years challenge!


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