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Birthday runner’s race success!

In early March 2023, Simon was admitted to LHCH for life-saving open heart surgery after the discovery of a congenital heart defect. A couple of weeks later, following unexpected complications, Simon was rushed back into theatre for an emergency procedure.

Simon said: “It was a huge shock when I found out what the issue was with my heart and it took me some time to process it all, but I understood that I couldn’t live without the operation.”

After a slow and steady recovery, Simon returned to work and very quickly set his sights on returning to full fitness and the challenge of taking on the Liverpool Half Marathon on St Patrick’s Day 2024 (the same day as his birthday!).

And that’s exactly what he did. From the support of family, friends and work colleagues, Simon completed the marathon in an amazing time and managed to raise just short of £3,500.

“Despite needing two procedures, going through the pain and worry of the whole situation, the care that I received from everyone at the hospital was first-class and I experienced first hand the miraculous work they do. By raising money for LHCH Charity, it’s a small way for me to say thank you for everything they have done for me.”

A huge well-done Simon on this brilliant achievement, we’re so glad to see how well you’re doing since surgery and an even bigger thank you for your truly amazing support. Now get those feet up and enjoy a well deserved rest.



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