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A Skydive to Remember!

In June 2023, 28-year-old Sophie was diagnosed with a carcinoid tumour (aka cancer in slow development) in her lung.

During her treatment Sophie also got married and ended up spending half of her honeymoon in hospital!

However, she didn’t let this dampen her spirits or newly married bliss and after receiving surgery at LHCH, Sophie was given the all clear. 

So, what better way to acknowledge this life changing experience than by leaping out of a plane and gliding through the air.  That’s right, a year on from diagnosis Sophie and her dear friend Lorren will be taking on a Skydive to raise money for LHCH Charity.


We can’t thank Sophie and Lorren enough for their support and think that you’re an absolute inspiration Sophie.  Now go and get yourselves all prepped for that amazing adventure.


You too can show the dynamic duo your support, simply follow the link to donate today -


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