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A Big Birthday Thank You NHS

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Everybody across the country is being encouraged to come together on the birthday of the NHS, Sunday 5th July, to thank not only NHS staff but all key workers, good neighbours, our supporters and all those who are helping to get us through this difficult period.

The two key moments during the weekend will be:

  • A minute’s silence on the evening of July 4th when people will be asked to light a candle in their window in remembrance of all who have died during this time.

  • A moment of thanks and connection on July 5th when we take part in one last country-wide clap of thanks and then stay out to raise a glass or have a cup of tea with our neighbours.

So will you join us in one huge THANK YOU to everyone who have helped and are continuing to make a difference in their communities.

A photo of nurses in scrubs and face masks holding thank you signs for the NHS


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