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Max's mile swim for his dad

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Earlier this year, Jemma got in touch with the team here at the LHCH Charity Office to let us know that her son Max was going to a mile swim in memory of his dad Josh.

A photo of Max and his Dad

She said: "In January it will be one year since his dad passed away. To honour his memory Max has decided he is going to swim a mile. He is doing this on Sunday 15th March 2020. Max and his dad spent time swimming together and he was always so support of Max’s achievements during his swimming lessons. So a swim seems very apt. He will swim 1 mile (64 lengths at his local swimming pool) "

A photo of Max wearing a Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity T-Shirt

"Max always talks about the care and support Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital gave his dad in what became his final week of his life. Max would be very grateful for any donations, which will help spur him on when training and hopefully make a difference to some of the patients at Liverpool Heart and Hospital."

To date Max has raised an incredible £823 in memory of his dad and we are so incredibly grateful for all of his hard work and it will certainly help to make a difference here at LHCH.

Thank you Jemma and Max!


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