How your business can help to change lives for the better

Heart and Lung disease touches us all, including your staff and your customers. From raising money, to raising awareness, corporate partnerships are vital to helping us beat heart and lung disease. 

Fundraising and donations have helped buy new high tech equipment, ensured our staff are able to access the most up to date training, made our hospital a more comfortable and welcoming place and funded research that helps to bring tomorrows cures and treatments to our patients today.

Whether you are looking for to engage your staff in fundraising activity, increase your brand awareness or develop new contacts with other businesses we will be able to develop the perfect partnership to suit your needs. 

To find out how your business can become involved with LHCH Charity contact the Charity Office on

0151 600 1409 or email us


Why partner with us

Working in partnership with us can bring lasting benefits to your company whilst helping to raise vital funds to fight heart and lung disease.


This is why you should partner with us.

  • Motivate staff and encourage team building

  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

  • Help beat heart and lung disease in the communities in which you operate

  • Reach new audiences and drive sales

  • Secure positive PR

  • Build brand profile

  • Stand out in a competitive market 


Ways to support us

We work with all sorts of companies to help to make a real difference to the lives of thousands of people who are living with heart and lung disease.

There is so much that you and your company could do to help.

Making a Company Gift

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Corporate giving is easy to set up – and in the majority of cases, gifts are subject to tax relief through approved schemes. We would love to hear if your company could help.

Today, the range of possible gifts in kind is growing. As well as giving money, your company can give shares, donate investments that will earn dividends for us, or in securities, such as bonds.

It’s not just financial donations that can help save lives. Donating a gift in kind can showcase your company’s products or services whilst also raising vital funds for us. Goods and services can make fantastic prizes for fundraising raffles and auctions.

We would love to hear from you if your company can help in any way. Please make a donation today and together we can help make heart and lung disease a thing of the past.

Hold your own events

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We’ve created some simple and fun ideas to get your colleagues involved in raising money:

Sponsored silence

An oldie but a goodie. Why not try to get the whole team involved too – or maybe even your boss.

Hold a dress down day

Ask your colleagues for a donation to take part. Why not take it a bit further and get everyone to dress in purple or orange?

Cake sale

If you can’t bring yourselves to cut out the cake, charge people to eat it instead! Organise a few colleagues to bake their best showstoppers.

Charity of the Year


By nominating LHCH Charity you can engage your staff with a hugely motivating cause that saves lives in your community.


We have a variety of exciting fundraising ideas to suit all levels of support and a range of existing events and activities that you and your colleagues can really get excited about.

Benefits to you as an Employer

  • Demonstrate to your employees, customers and potential customers, your company’s commitment to an issue that affects lives every day​

  • Positive PR opportunities

  • Opportunities to reach new markets and build networks

Benefits to your Employees

  • Making a difference to their local community

  • Boosts staff morale

  • Encourages team building

Put your company at the heart of the community and adopt LHCH Charity as your Charity of the Year.

Payroll Giving


Payroll giving is a tax free and flexible way for employees to make donations to charity straight from their salary before tax is deducted.

What are the benefits for you as an employer?

  • Simple to set up

  • Fantastic way to enhance employee fundraising

  • Gets employees involved in making a difference

  • Enhances the charitable giving of your business

  • A possibility of getting the Government's coveted Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award

What are the benefits to an employee?

  • Simple to sign up

  • Flexible

  • Tax effective

  • Ability to collaborate with colleagues for bigger impact to charity

  • Employer matched giving

If you would like to set up and or promote Payroll Giving at your workplace, we would love to talk to you. We can arrange an engaging promotion tailored to your specific needs.

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