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Healthcare is continuously evolving, technologies considered best practice today can change drastically in very short periods. That’s why medical practitioners must keep up with new techniques and technologies and expand their knowledge and skills.   So continuous education is not a nice-to-have but an absolute necessity for any healthcare professional who wants to provide high-quality patient care.


At LHCH we offer a full range of training and development for all including not only medical and clinical professionals but also support staff and healthcare students.  Training is provided across a wide range of platforms including traditional face to face learning, eLearning (on-line courses) and accessing new technology to deliver virtual training.   

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Introduce a Training and Education Centre

Sir Ken Dodd Knowledge and Education Cen

Until the opening of the Sir Ken Dodd Training and Education Centre, however, we did not have a dedicated unit for staff and students to learn but now, thanks to your help we do.

This new centre will help LHCH become a centre of excellence for the training and education of the medical teams of tomorrow and will allow us to disseminate and share our expertise with other centres across the world.

Our special thanks goes to Lady Dodd and the Ken Dodd Charitable Foundation for helping us bring this vital training centre into being.

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Thank you for helping us bring a Training and Education Centre to LHCH

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