3 Dimensional Transoesophageal Imaging

The probe, which is about as wide as your index figure, goes into your mouth, down your throat and into the oesophagus.  It produces clearer and more accurate pictures than those taken from the front of the chest because the oesophagus lies immediately behind the heart so there is no interference from the ribs or lungs.


Each year we use TOE imaging for over 2,500 patients who are about to undergo heart surgery as the images help to provide vital additional information to our surgeons prior to procedures such as mitral valve surgery.  

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At the present time we use 2 Dimenensional machines which are good but we want to purchase 3 Dimensional machines which have significant added benefits.

2D Image.png
3D Image.png

A 3D Machine will help us to:

  • Look at the whole heart as well as being able to focus on a specific structure within the heart

  • Have a comprehensive and realistic view of the cardiac valves and any problems there might be with the heart

  • Have real time information providing immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the surgery undertaken.

These machines will make a tremendous difference for our patients and the staff caring for them and we hope you want to help us to bring them to the hospital.


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