In 2018 Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital became the only centre in the UK to offer both robotic heart and lung surgery following a campaign to raise the £1.5 million to purchase the surgical robot.

How you helped us to…  

Bring Robotic Surgery to LHCH

The benefits

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It provided a faster, safer way of operating with significantly reduced post-operative rates of complications.     

It allowed us to operate on those previously considered inoperable due to the trauma of traditional “open” surgery.

It brought recovery rates down to days rather than weeks and months of traditional surgery.

The difference it makes 

Owens Story

Having being diagnosed as needing a mitral valve repair Owen, from North Wales was one of the first patients in the UK to undergo robotic heart surgery.   

He was back home 48 hours after having the procedure and within a week was taking his usual walks up the Great Orme!

Tom's Story

Tom from Liverpool had been having difficulty with his breathing and was referred to LHCH for further tests.   These identified a tumour on one of his lungs.   He too was offered the opportunity have a robotic, minimally invasive operation which he was happy to take up.  

Admitted on Thursday evening, Tom had his surgery on Friday which was a total success.   Such a success indeed that Tom was well enough to go home the next day and by Sunday he was playing at home with his grandchildren.

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Thank you for helping us bring Robotic Surgery to LHCH