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What to do before you're 80!

Well, abseil down one of Liverpool's most iconic buildings of course!

This July, Malcolm alongside his daughter and long-time wonderful supporter Emma, will be taking on our Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Abseil challenge to not only raise funds for LHCH Charity but to also personally challenge himself before turning 80. (Amazing, we know!)

Emma has supported LHCH Charity for the past few years after loosing her close friend Chris in 2021. She says: "Chris was under the care of LHCH who treated him fantastically and they have always looked after his wonderful parents too. We are so thankful to LHCH for everything they do. The nurses, doctors, cleaners, surgeons, and everyone else in between are always so friendly, making you feel warm and safe on every visit. We want to help raise as much money as possible so that the technology, research and care can stay as amazing as it is now."

If you would like to show your support to Malcom and his family, simply follow the link and sponsor away -

We think you’re an absolute inspiration Malcom and can’t wait to see you glide down the cathedral in style.

Best of luck guys!


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