Looking to the Future ...

To stay at the front of medical practice and ensure that our patients and staff always have the best we have to plan for the future.   Our current campaigns will help us to support the hospital with vital new equipment and resources. 

The long road to recovery

Help us support our patients and staff as the post covid recovery starts

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Protecting your heart 

Support our cardio-oncology unit as they protect hearts during chemotherapy

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Growing up with Heart disease

Help us to support young people who are living with heart disease

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Thanks to you we have ...

Introduced Robotic Heart & Lung Surgery

Liverpool Heart and Chest is the only hospital in the UK to offer robotic heart and lung surgery. Helping our patients recover faster and get back home to their loved ones sooner.

Helped to Drive out Delirium

Over 90% of Intensive Care patients in the UK will develop delirium at some point. Thanks to your help we were able to provide the additional facilities to significantly reduce the potential for our patients to develop delirium.

Provided Dedicated Facilities for Patients with Dementia

For those with dementia or other cognitive disabilities undergoing CT or MRI scans can be a deeply upsetting experience. That's why LHCH Charity provided a dedicated space for them to ensure that their treatment is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Group of medical staff at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Thank You