Looking to the Future ...

To stay at the front of medical practice and ensure that our patients and staff always have the best we have to plan for the future.   Our current campaigns will help us to support the hospital with vital new equipment and resources. 

Protecting your heart 

Support our cardio-oncology unit as they protect hearts during chemotherapy

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Growing up with Heart disease

Help us to support young people who are living with heart disease

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Thanks to you we have ...

Introduced our Mobile Spirometry Unit


Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the UK to introduce a mobile unit to help with the diagnosis and treatment of lung conditions

Developed a new Training and Education Centre

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Medicine is a fast-moving environment and training staff to ensure that they are up to date with the latest techniques is key to continuing to provide the oustanding care that we do.

Led the way in stroke reduction for patients

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LHCH is a leader in the field of cardiac surgery.  Inevitably this means that many of the operations we perform are more complex.   In some cases this might lead to a higher than normal risk of stroke both during and after the operation.

You helped us purchase a new piece of equipment that can play a part in helping to mitigate this risk

Group of medical staff at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Please help us to continue to make a difference

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