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Small Change - Big Difference

It's a true saying that if you "look after the pennies, then the pounds will take care of themselves"


So many of you already support us by saving your loose change in jars, tins and bottles and then sending it to us when its full.


So to make things a little easier we are introducing our Small Change, Big Difference box.


These neat little boxes are 5" x 3" high with a depth of 2".  They can easily be placed on a hall stand or on a kitchen windowsill or any convenient place where you can drop your loose change after a shopping trip or a night out.

If you would like one for yourself, or even to take some for friends, family, your workplace, pub or social club then just send us an email and we will get them out to you.

Support while you shop

Did you know you can support LHCH Charity while you shop.  Just sign up to Amazon Smile and Easyfundraising​ its absolutely free and doesn't involve you paying anything extra at all!

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Amazon Smile

To sign up for Amazon Smile just click the button and select LHCH Charity as the charity you want to support

Then every time you shop on Amazon we will receive a percentage of your spend - at no extra cost to you at all!


Easy Fundraising

Signing up for Easyfundraising couldn't be simpler!

You can still shop at all the stores you love to use but every time you do LHCH Charity will receive a percentage of your shop - at no extra cost to you, isn't that fantastic!!

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Charity Car

Charity Car can turn your old banger into a valuable donation to LHCH Charity and help the environment at the same time.  Just click here to donate!

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​By using Charity Car we'll receive 100% of the scrap value. Collection of your car is absolutely free, you'll get an official DVLA Certificate of Destruction, and your car will be recycled to the highest standards. Or, if it's still got a few miles left on the clock, it may be sent to auction, so we'll still get the maximum donation possible.

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If you or someone you know is generous enough to donate their old car, you could help us make a massive difference to thousands of people living with heart and lung disease so don't forget to share the news.

So  make sure you take a minute to sign up and you will be helping thousands of people living with heart and lung disease

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