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Support our patients with Dementia

LHCH is a Centre of Excellence for Cardiac Imaging and it performs over 7,000 Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMR) and Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (CCT) scans each year – making it one of the highest volume imaging centres in the world.  In addition we are the only Cardiac MRI scanning centre in the North West of England.

Demand for this less invasive imaging diagnostic tool (as opposed to the more invasive angiography) is rising each year. To meet this rising demand and to ensure that we stay at the forefront of diagnostic imaging both in treatment and research LHCH invested over £5 million in a new Imaging Department in 2019.

"My mother has suffered with Dementia for the last 10 years.  Visiting hospitals for an appointment is usually a confusing and upsetting experience for her.   When we visited LHCH for a scan recently, we were very impressed with the facilities in the waiting area.  We really appreciated the quiet area for Mum and the whole process was fantastic!  Though some of the changes seem small to many other people, for us it really made a difference! "

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- Karen H from Walton.

Imaging for patients with Dementia

The non-invasiveness of diagnostic imaging is particularly important for those who have to be scanned on a regular basis as part of their on-going treatment.  Unfortunately a large busy and often very noisy clinic areas can be very upsetting for those who are also living with dementia or other cognitive disorders.


To help alleviate any potential further distress and upset LHCH Charity supported the development of an area within the department which was specifically designed to minimise any stress and anxiety for patients with these special needs.    We used colour and layout, special mood lighting and music, noise reducing ceiling tiles as well as a “quiet space” for those who were becoming particularly distressed.

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A nurse reading a book to a patient

Thank you for helping us provide extra care for our patients with Dementia

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