We urgently need your help to support our staff and our patients, amidst the upheaval and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19. 


Our hospital is under increasing pressure as the scale and impact of COVID-19 continues to grow.

Patients still need treatment, and still need the expertise of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. We need to ensure our staff can continue to treat and care for patients, now and in the future, and to do that we must continue to support the hospital in whatever ways we can.


Please donate now to help us ensure we can, support our staff and patients, whenever and however they need it, during this difficult and uncertain time.


We really appreciate your support.

Covid 19

Emergency Appeal

Helping our patients and their families

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From providing tablets, telephones and a message service so patients can stay in touch with loved ones to toiletries for patients brought in as a emergency who cannot have their loved ones with them your gift can help support our patients through one of the most anxious times of their lives

Caring for our staff and volunteers

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Our staff and volunteers are facing a situation never experienced by the NHS before.

We want to help them by providing all the support they need to continue caring.   From providing food and drink, to moisturising hand and face cream and rest areas so that staff can take a break .  Your gift will help us to show them how grateful we are for their courage.

Thank You

All funds raised will be used for the purposes detailed.  In the event that they are no longer required for this purpose they will be used to benefit the hospital generally