Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is one of the busiest cardiac surgery units in the country.  Our six theatres work 7 days per week with 15 surgeons undertaking just under 2,000 operations both planned and emergency.  LHCH is proud to have some of the best outcomes for cardiac surgery in the country and is continually striving to improve on our already outstanding work.


Being a leader in the field of cardiac surgery we inevitably perform many of the more complex surgeries here at the hospital.  In some instances, these can lead to a higher than normal risk of stroke both during and after an operation.  So, when one of our most experienced surgeons asked LHCH Charity to support the purchase of a new item of equipment which would help us to reduce the possibility of stroke occurring we were only too happy to help!


The Robotic Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System is designed to non-invasively measure and display brain blood flow information during an operation.   It provides critical data for the operating team helping them to diagnose any potential areas of concern and to make accurate decisions to minimise the risk of brain injury due to stroke during a procedure.


Professor Mark Field, the LHCH Clinical Lead for Aortic Surgery said: “LHCH is a national leader in Aortic Surgery and being able to use this new system will help us improve patient care and remain at the forefront of cardiac surgical developments.   I am so grateful to all those that support LHCH Charity for helping us to purchase this important piece of equipment.”

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Provide state of the art equipment to reduce strokes

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Thank you for helping us purchase this vital piece of equipment for LHCH

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